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airplane dog carrier

Leaving behind a your best buddy while going out for a long duration could be very stressful for you. Taking your pet along sounds good though it needs a lot of spade work. We’ve come with some top quality airplane dog carrier which perfectly work as airline approved dog carrier. Before jumps to the dog carrier, lets talk about some important information about dog carrier which are airline approved.

Steps To Follow :

First you have to choose an airplane that is pet friendly and allows dogs into the aircraft.After you find out you should look into several requirements like airplane approved pet carrier and their policy on carrying pets next to you in the seat. They have some strict protocols when it comes to pets. You will have to educate yourself about them and gather all relevant information before you plan your trip. For safe travel this kind of dog are best.

Rules concerning size of the dogs

Airplane companies are normally very strict when it comes to size and weight measurements of your pet. The very small breeds mainly referred to as the teacup breeds that can be kept with you on the flight. The big sized dogs such as Golden Retrievers, Saint Bernards, German Shepherds need to be kept in airplane approved dog carriers and need to travel in the cargo area. Though this doesn’t sounds okay to dog lovers however it is very comfortable for the dog there.When it comes to the medium sized dogs it get a little tricky.You will have to measure the length of your dog, measure the size of the dog carrier and so that they perfectly fit into the stipulations laid down by the airplane.

How do we know which size of the dog is small or big?

Though airplane differ slightly in their yardsticks. This is what you can expect for in cabin pets and you can keep dog in the cargo area.

Small means a length of 16”, width of 10” and height of 8.5”; weight of the dog can be like around 8 lbs.

Medium means to length of 18”, width of 11” and height of 10.5”; weight can be like around 16 lbs.

Big means length of 20”, width of 11.75” and height of 11.5”; weight can around 22lbs. Don’t go by the weight of the dog alone; the measurements are more important than that.

Choosing Best Airplane Dog Carrier

Choosing the best airplane dog carrier is not easy. Each airline approved dog carrier brand offers multiple offers. We’ve listed some best airline dog carrier that are trending in 2018 and have amazing feedback. Each of them has their own specialty. Choose wisely and grab your one.


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airplane dog carrier

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